IPew Cyber Pathogen Map
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About IPew Cyber Pathogen

Attack maps are the <blink> tag of information security. They are pure eye candy, meant to scare the general public and WOW unsuspecting executives visiting Security Operations Centers. Yet, security vendors keep cranking them out. We didn't want organizations without "real" data or l33t animation skills to to feel left out, so we built this map for anyone to use [CC BY-SA]. Plus, they're all missing sound effects! And, most (all, really) use mind-numbingly dumb map projections, begging the question: "Does Greenland make my map look big?".

While attack maps are a joke, cyber pathogens are real. This map represents the conciousness of a cyber pathogen whose many forms are infecting the world even as we speak. The world lives at it's mercy unless someone can rally a crack team of cyber pathologists to combat this evil.

Based on original work by @alexcpsec, @hrbrmstr & Data-Driven Security